Red Paddle Co SUP Boards

O ur team are passionate about helping you select the best board to fit your desired use and physique.
Here we have provided an overview of the SUP boards we stock along with some technical spec of our most popular boards. However, we can supply boards to suit everyone and anything. If you find you have any questions or would like to talk through other boards from the Red range please come and visit us or give our team a call on 01726 844833 to chat further. Why Red...

Why we have teamed up with Red

Red Paddle Co are a dedicated inflatable SUP brand, meaning they focus solely on producing and developing the best inflatable boards possible.

Owning an inflatable board is about storage, transportation, ease of inflation, as well as on-water performance and in developing their boards these are the factors Red have worked to perfect.


SUP Product Page Titan Infographic MPH


They are ideal for putting in the boot of the car on a road trip, storing in the caravan, can be checked onto an easyjet or ryanair flight and won’t take up a whole room in your flat!


Everyone prefers paddling to pumping and being able to get your board pumped up quickly and to a high enough pressure in the real world  is fundamental. Step forward the Red Paddle Co Titan Pump!

Performance, Durability and Stiffness

Customers who visit WasSup are genuinely stunned that our boards are not fibre glass as they feel so rigid.  The technology really has moved forwards and Red lead the way with their Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) and Tec Air construction.

We have merrily tested bouncing up and down on the boards and for even more rigorous testing this video shows the boards being run over by a tractor!

the combination of great performance and versatility

The Ride family of SUP boards

Red design their boards to give you the absolute best experience possible, providing you with the ultimate in convenience without having to compromise on performance.

The Ride Family are the three most popular boards we have available due to the combination of great performance and versatility.  Check them out below...

The Whole Package

A s they say the proof of the pudding is in the tasting.

For all of our lessons and tours we use Red Paddle Co inflatable Ride boards providing the perfect opportunity to test them out. If you, like us, fall in love with the sport and boards during your session with us and make the decision to purchase a board from us you can recoup the cost of your lesson against the purchase.

Ride SUP Board

available in above sizes

Red Paddle Co Titan Pump

specially designed to ensure you can reach required pressure with minimal effort, allowing you go from backpack to beach in the shortest time possible

10' Surf Leash

from Red Paddle Co

3 piece travel Red Paddle Co paddle

available in alloy as standard with the option to upgrade to glass fibre or carbon fibre

Red Paddle Co Board Bag

option to use as a wheeled travel bag or backpack, the ultimate solution for travel and storage

Waterproof Phone Case

with all packages

What board to pick?

Our team are always ready to talk so to get more detail or find out about the other boards that are available please visit us at WasSup, call us on 01726 844111 or email us on